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Your Leading Provider of MOTs & Car Servicing in Bromley

Every independent garage worth its salt offers MOTs and car servicing. But the standard of service you’ll receive at one garage might not be even remotely close to that you’ll receive at another. That’s why it’s important to choose the right garage and not just opt for the one closest door to door. Lockyer Motors, based close to Bromley in nearby Orpington, has a fantastic reputation for providing affordable MOTs and car servicing. We urge Bromley motorists to book their next appointment in with us to see first-hand exactly why this is.

On this page, for the benefit of newly qualified Bromley drivers and sceptics alike, we’ve looked to run through a few of the biggest benefits that come with investing in regular car servicing. If after reading the below you want to find out when your last service was, so you can figure out when your next one is due, consult your manufacturers handbook or your service record. If you’ve bought a car second hand you should have access to these, if not give the seller a quick call and ask about it’s service history.

Most manufacturers recommend motorists invest in two services a year, one interim service every six months and a full annual service once a year. If you notice your service history is looking rather sparse, give our garage a call. We can provide Bromley customers both standalone car servicing, and car servicing combined with MOTs if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone.

Why Invest in Regular Car Servicing?

Efficiency – Investing in regular car servicing can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This will save you money spent at Bromley forecourts, while reducing your carbon footprint. Win-win!

Performance – A well-maintained vehicle is a much smoother and more responsive drive. Car servicing will ensure everything is working correctly and identify problems like poorly aligned wheels. These can then be repaired to improve performance.

Road Safety – Perhaps the most important reason for Bromley motorists to visit our garage for car servicing is that it helps keep you safe on the road. Long-neglected vehicles are much more likely to suffer a critical fault that could put your well-being in danger.

Repair Bills – Breakdowns aren’t fun, and neither is shelling out for car repairs because your brakes, clutch, engine or a similar component has stopped working. Car servicing allows us to find and deal with these issues early on, before they become a significant problem.

Before MOTs – Bromley residents who are due MOTs would do well to have car servicing carried out before hand. This will improve the chances you receive a passing grade, making MOTs a less time-consuming and stressful experience altogether.

Vehicle Value – Your car servicing history is directly tied to your vehicle’s value. If you ever want to trade it in or sell it second-hand, the buyer/dealership will want to know it’s been well-looked after and isn’t likely to breakdown. Evidence of regular car servicing / MOTs proves this!

Looking to book MOTs or scheduled car servicing at a trusted garage near Bromley? Call Orpington’s Lockyer Motors today on 01689 824 567.


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