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Searching for a Reliable Provider of MOT Testing in Chislehurst?

You’ve come to the right place! Lockyer Motors, just a short drive from Chislehurst in Orpington, offers thorough and accurate MOT testing at distinctly affordable prices – the likes of which you won’t find at a chain garage or main dealership. On this page, for the benefit of new Chislehurst motorists who may not know what exactly is involved in MOTs, we’ve run through what’s checked in the test.

Should you fail a test for any reason whatsoever, our garage will provide you with a free re-test as soon as the issue is rectified. Keep in mind not every garage in the Chislehurst area offers free re-testing with their MOTs, which helps keep the cost of keeping your vehicle on the road to a minimum.

If you’re a seasoned motorist and know exactly what the score is when it comes to MOTs, you might not get much out of the below. But the next time you need your vehicle tested for roadworthiness, be sure to book an appointment at our garage. Just call us on 01689 824 567 so we can allot a time slot convenient for you.

What’s Tested During MOTs?

Lamps, Reflectors & Electrics – Failures with the aforementioned components lead to a massive chunk of failures (30%), so it’s vital they’re all in order. Lights and reflectors must be in the right position, secure, in good condition, the correct colour and otherwise function optimally. In the latter “electrics” category, the horn, battery and all wiring must be inspected, to ensure there are no loose connections or a battery leak, for example.

Steering & Suspension – During MOTs, are garage is also required to check that a Chislehurst motorist’s steering and suspension isn’t worn or otherwise damaged. We’ll keep an eye out for issues like corroded or fractured shock absorbers, or a steering wheel that is unresponsive due to wear-and-tear. These components are also checked during car servicing, so be sure to invest in it according to your manufacturer’s handbook.

Brakes – Did you know that just shy of 10% of failed MOT testing is down to brake issues? It could be that brake pads have worn down, that a pedal is spongy or too hard under-foot, or that warning lights aren’t functioning. These tend to be fairly simple repairs. As with car servicing, MOT testing involves a brake efficiency test to ensure your vehicle is capable of stopping quickly in an emergency situation.

Tyres & Wheels – Again, around 10% of MOT testing failed by Chislehurst motorists is due to tyres and wheels. Perhaps the most common problem in this category is a lack of tyre tread depth. To be road legal, you need at least 1.6mm of tread, although this is the bare minimum and experts recommend you have a good amount more. Driving on tyres featuring significant cuts, tears, bulges and lumps is also illegal. On top of this, a garage is obliged to ensure, during car servicing and MOTs, that tyres are the appropriate type for the vehicle itself (load rating/speed).

General Items – Our garage, just a short drive from Chislehurst, will also check a number of general items during MOT testing (not all of the subsequent items are checked during car servicing, however). Your vehicle’s body, doors, seats, chassis, registration plates, speedometer and vehicle identification number (VIN) must all be working as intended, and not feature faults or prove illegible, in the case of your VIN. Seatbelts must also be checked to ensure they’ll work in an emergency situation.

Driver’s View – MOT testing also ensures that a driver can see the road properly, and a little under 7% of failures occur because mirrors, wipers or the windscreen either aren’t secure, obscure the driver’s view, or have been damaged.

To book MOT testing or a car servicing appointment at our garage near Chislehurst, pick up the phone and call our friendly mechanics on 01689 824 567.


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