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Did you know that just 10% of car accidents that occur on the motorway are down to mechanical failure? The other 90% can be put down to driver error. This is why it’s so important to always pay attention to your surroundings and to remain in complete control of your vehicle at all times. Investing in regular car servicing and MOT testing at our Orpington garage can reduce the chances you’ll be part of the 10%, as will investing in car diagnostics and repairs if you notice any symptoms or a change in driving experience. But there’s still a chance that at some point in your life you might require crash repairs / bodywork repairs at an accident repairs centre like our own.

On this page, we’ve looked to run through the most common mechanical failures and defects which lead to accidents in and around the Orpington area. If you suffer from any of them and need a vehicle recovery service, or you’re looking to safeguard against a failure with our car servicing and MOT testing packages, don’t hesitate to call us on 01689 824 567.

The Main Causes for Road Accidents Due to Defective Vehicles

Brakes – Statistics show that around a third of these accidents are due to defective brakes. In 2014, 1% of these were fatal, 17% classified as serious and 82% minor. MOT testing and car servicing both involve checks on brakes, where staff at a garage like ours in Orpington can identify emerging issues early on. Even a minor accident can leave you needing to head to an accident repairs centre for crash repairs / bodywork repairs, so it pays to look after your brakes year-round.

Tyres – A further third can be put down to illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres. In the aforementioned data set, 3% were found to be fatal, 20% serious and 77% minor. To be road-legal, tyres must have at least 1.6mm tread depth and no significant structural damage. They must also be right type of tyres for the vehicle you’re driving. Our Orpington garage and accident repair centre checks the condition of tyres during car servicing and MOT testing, and can replace them with your choice of budget or premium tyre. This will ensure that in an emergency situation you’ll be able to promptly stop, and not find yourself in need of crash repairs, bodywork repairs or something far more serious.

Steering & Suspension – 15% of 2014 defective vehicle accidents were a result of faults with steering and suspension elements. 2% were fatal, 20% were serious and 78% minor. This is why if you’ve noticed a significant change in your driving experience, for example your vehicle pulling to one side slightly, the steering wheel feeling stiff and unresponsive, or your vehicle feeling lower than usual or tilted to one side, it’s worth visiting our Orpington garage / accident repair centre. We’ll run car diagnostics to figure out the exact issue, then recommend the appropriate repair. Car servicing and MOT testing are also essential opportunities to identify problems with these components.

Other issues leading to accidents include an overloaded of poorly loaded vehicle/trailer (10% of 2014 total), defective lights and indicators (8%), and defective/missing mirrors (1%). The reason that we focused on wheels, brakes and steering/suspension is because they respectively caused 52%, 19% and 12% of the 42 fatalities that occurred nationwide – big proportions, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Orpington clients who want to reduce the likelihood they’ll need to call our garage and accident repairs centre for vehicle recovery, and be left with a bill for crash repairs / bodywork repairs, can take a number of precautions. Firstly, listen to your vehicle. Any strange noises, or strange smells or feelings for that matter, should be reported to us. We can run car diagnostics to figure out if it’s a symptom of a potentially danger emerging problem. Secondly, be sure you invest in car servicing as frequent as your manufacturer’s handbook recommends, usually this is twice a year (one minor and one minor service).

Thirdly, always book MOT testing appointments on time and never drive without certification. Not only is this illegal, with Orpington motorists standing to receive hefty fines and points on their licence, but the test itself is there for a reason and will tell you if your vehicle is safe and roadworthy or not. Finally, drive carefully! Don’t expose your components to unnecessary wear and tear due to reckless driving, like random and sudden starts/stops.

Searching for a reliable, reputable garage and accident repairs centre in the Orpington area? Pick up the phone and call Lockyer Motors on 01689 824 567.


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